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Public history, Holocaust memory, Research, and, Education


[Brazilian Center for Nazi and Holocaust Studies]

is an independent initiative of historians.

It is a group formed, produced, and headed only by women.

Our goal is to promote accessible and quality content about Nazism and the Holocaust and to promote education and research on this topic in Brazil.


Brazilian Center for Nazism and Holocaust Studies


Know our science divulgation on social media


NEPAT's library takes place twice a year and is a book club with periodic meetings.

You have the experience of reading with us a book related to Nazism and the Holocaust, and you will be able to participate in debates, have access to complementary materials, and much more!

To receive first-hand news about the opening of new classes, click on the link below:

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NEPAT's Library

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Desnazificando is the first and only podcast in Brazil that deals exclusively with the Nazi regime and the Holocaust

The podcast is an entirely feminine initiative podcast idealized and produced by the Brazilian Center for Nazism and Holocaust Studies (NEPAT) coordinators. 

We talk about research, education, Nazism, the twentieth century, public history, and anything else on this podcast. Our goal is to discuss concepts, ideas, and events in a fun way but with depth and quality.



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