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80 years of the Second World War


"80 years of World War II: Echoes, Representations and Memories"

The Center for Studies and Research on Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism [NEPAT-UFMG] is pleased to announce its inaugural event that will take place at FAFICH-UFMG between September 30 and October 3, 2019.

The event "80 years of the Second  World War: Echoes, representations and memories" is a totally student and feminine initiative and will feature round tables with researches with productions on the theme, workshops, movie session and students speakers.

The objective is to show the competence of Brazilian productions about this period of world history and to insert UFMG on the national scene as a reference center in studies on totalitarianism and World War II.

In times of dismantling of the public university, events like this are fundamental to promote a dialogue and reinforce the role of education and research.

Stay tuned and participate with us!




Ana Ianeles (Mestrado em História e Culturas Políticas - UFMG)

Anna Carolina Viana (Graduação em História - UFMG)

Bárbara Deoti (Graduação em História - UFMG)

Clara Lima Borges (Graduação em História - UFMG)

Júlia Amaral (Graduação em História - UFMG)

Karina Rezende (Mestrado em História e Culturas Políticas - UFMG)

Maria Visconti (Doutorado em História e Culturas Políticas - UFMG)

Marina Helena Meira Carvalho (Doutorado em História e Culturas Políticas - UFMG)

Nathálya Aparecida Ferreira (Graduação em História - UFMG)

Sara Handeri (Graduação em História - UFMG)

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Round tables




Student speakers


Movie session


Event's photos

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